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How Erotica Can Help You Find Your Mojo After Breast Cancer

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Protect your vulvar and vaginal health at every age

Vaginal dryness is not only experienced by women during menopause. Learn how to Protect your vulvar and vaginal health at every age.

Blog Progress Tracking New

New Rosy Feature Announcement - Progress Tracking!

The Rosy app allows you to track your progress to sexual wellness with the Sexual Wellness Score. Get started today

Blog 4 Libido Killers

The Four Libido Killers You Might Not Know About

Discover the four common but lesser known causes of low libido or low sexual desire. Learn what's affecting your libido and find ways to work around it.

Blog Valentines

3 Ways to Conquer Valentine's Day Dread

You might be experiencing (what we call) the Valentine’s Day Dread. These women report that not only do they not look forward to February 14th, they actually have anxiety just thinking about it. Here are 3 Ways to Conquer Valentine's Day Dread

Blog Take to your partner about sex

How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex

If you’re in need of motivation and guidance for talking to your partner, here are three methods for women focused on increasing intimate communication.

Blog Get Slick 2

Get Slick. Let’s Talk Lube, Part 2

What do you do when lubrication seems to be the main issue with your lack of bedroom play?

Blog Thyroid

Thyroid Killing The Mood? 7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner

7 Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner | An underactive thyroid can lead to sexual changes that can be frustrating for both you and your partner or partners.

Blog Social Distancing

Social Distancing, Human Connection, and Sex

4 easy things you can do at home with your partner to keep intimacy a priority while staying safe during social distancing

Blog Pelvic Floor 1

A Guide to Pelvic Floor Therapy: Part 1

In Part 1 of our Guide to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, learn what pelvic floor phsyical therapy is and what conditions it can treat.

Blog Anxiety

Anxiety, Depression & Desire During Quarantine

Learn 8 steps to connect to your body and curb anxiety and depression in quarantine from Certified Sex Therapist Maegan Megginson

Blog Sex and Cancer

Sex and Cancer: 9 Lessons to Navigate Sex

Women who have or had cancer told us low sexual desire is one of their main concerns. Learn 9 lessons on navigating sex through cancer.

Blog Foreplay

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Foreplay: A Sexologist Explains

While many people may think of foreplay as the physical stimulation leading up to sex, we know that foreplay is much more complex than that.

Blog Erotica

Fire up Your Mind and Body with Erotica

Erotica allows you to put yourself in the driver’s seat and get to know yourself and your body. Learn how reading erotica can improve sexual desire.

Blog Partner Wants more sex

What to Do When Your Partner Wants Sex More Than You Do

Desire discrepancy? It’s a fancy term that basically means you and your partner have different levels of desire for sex.

Blog Menopause Symptoms

The Menopause Symptom No One Talks About

Are you going through menopause? Find out the one menopause symptoms no one talks about and how to treat it.

Blog Why I Created Rosy

Why I Created Rosy

Rosy was created by OB/GYN, Lyndsey Harper, MD for the millions of women who struggle with low libido. Read her story & how we help women's sexual problems.

Blog Confessions new mom libido

Confessions of a New Mom with Low Libido

Pregnancy and postpartum can affect your sex drive in various ways. Read a first hand confession of a new mom with low libido.

Blog 5 Self Care Rituals Sensual

5 Self-Care Rituals To Nourish Your Sensual Self

Are you taking care of your sensual self? Reba The Diva gives you 5 fun new ways to ensure you're taking care of yourself!

Blog Sex After Childbirth

Sex After Childbirth: 7 Questions and What You Need to Know

Whether you’re pregnant, in the newborn haze or a few months down the road, we answer some of the most common questions about sex after childbirth.

Blog not tonight dear

Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Vagina-Ache

Pain with sex can have many causes and sometimes it can affect various aspects of your life. Find out common causes and next steps.

Blog Vibrators Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

Before you spend a ton of money on a new toy...it’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking to experience and a good understanding of what’s available to help you achieve your pleasure goals.

Blog Get Slick 1

Get Slick. Let’s talk Lube, Part 1

Learn the purpose of lubrication, how, when and why it occurs naturally and common causes of vaginal dryness.

Blog Food to get you in the mood

Food to get you in the mood: How nutrition affects your sexual health

Can what you eat affect your libido? Before you go adding hand-harvested wild asparagus and chilli-dusted oysters to your shopping list, read this.

Blog 4 Steps to better sex

4 Steps to Better Sex

Whether someone is struggling with anxiety about sex and they have had few sexual partners or they have had many partners, the felt sense of not-knowing (about sexual desires, arousal, pleasure) can lead to feelings of insecurity around sex. Here are 4 other ways of thinking about sex.

Blog Libido20

Libido through the years: what you need to know in your 20s

There are a wide range of factors – hormonal, emotional and even societal – that can affect your sex drive, even in your 20s, and low libido at this age can be a lot more common than we realize.

Blog Can I ask my obgyn

Can I ask my OBGYN that?

Talking to your gynecologist about odors, itching or sex can seem daunting. We tackle 6 common questions you may be too embarrassed to ask.

Blog Libido 30s

Libido Through the Years: What You Need to Know in Your 30s

If you’re not having as much sex as you once had or wish you were having more, you’re not alone. We explore some of the common factors that can affect your libido in your 30s.

Blog Pelvic Floor 2

A Guide to Pelvic Floor Therapy: Part 2

Learn what to expect at your first pelvic floor physical therapy visit and how to find the right pelvic floor therapist

Blog Pelvic pain after cancer

Pelvic and Vaginal Pain After Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can often leave women experiencing issues with pelvic and vaginal pain. Dr. Amanda Olson shares how to use dilators.

Blog What is hsdd

What is HSDD?

Dr. Harper defines Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, lists criteria that allows for diagnosis and gives an overview of different treatment options.

Blog Libido 40s

Libido Through the Years: What You Need to Know in Your 40s

As women's hormones shift in their 40s in preparation for menopause all sorts of changes can occur. Learn what to expect and how to tackle these changes.

Blog Vaginismus

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is defined as a painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure. Learn more.

Blog IPV

What is Intimate Partner Violence?

What is intimate partner violence (IPV)? Learn how to identify IPV, its impact on health and sexual desire and how to find IPV resources.

Blog Rosy Telehealth

Telehealth FAQ

Exploring Rosy Telehealth? Have questions? See below for answers to frequently asked questions about telehealth and virtual care visits.


Shame, LGBTQ + Sexual Desire

Happy Pride Month! Learn how shame affects the LGBTQ community and sexual desire and methods to overcome it by Emma Schmidt, Certified Sex Therapist

Blog How to Prepare for Telehealth

How to Prepare for Your Telehealth Visit

Learn simple steps to prepare for your telehealth visit including appointment prep, technical prep and mental prep! Rosy Telehealth is now live in Texas!

Blog Sexual Pain Class

Pain with Sex: 6 Lessons to go From Ouch to Oh Yeah

Class for women that want to better understand causes of sexual pain and options for help. 6 lessons and actionable items designed to improve pain with sex

Blog Vestibulitis

Take Me to Church! The Vaginal Vestibule and Its Role in Sexual Pain

What is vestibulitis? Find out exactly what it is, how it affects your sex life and how to find solutions to overcome it.

Blog Masturbation

Self-pleasure is a human right too.

Female masturbation is normal, beneficial, and healthy.

Blog Missing o

The Missing O! Why Some Women Can’t Orgasm

More than 20% of women have difficulty with orgasm. Find out why you might not be able to have an orgasm and how to help.

Blog Becoming Cliterate

Becoming Cliterate: Great reads for your sexual health

Update your sexual knowledge will these great reads recommended by Rosy Founder and CEO, Lyndsey Harper, MD

Blog 2019 12 11 HSDD

Treatment Options for HSDD

1 in 10 women suffer from HSDD. Dr. Monica Valenzuela shares insight on two FDA approved medications for premenopausal women: Flibanserin (Addyi) and Bremelanotide (Vyleesi).

Blog Cancer and Sexual

What No One Tells You About Cancer & Sexual Relationships

Cancer & its treatments can have a big impact on the way your sexual relationships function. Read What No One Tells You About Cancer & Sexual Relationships

Blog Back to Sex School

Back to (Sex) School: Sex 101

Our class Sex 101 was created for women and couples looking to go back to the basics and learn how to bring big fun back to the bedroom.

Blog Endometriosis

Endometriosis, the Mean Pelvic Squatter

Learn what endometriosis is, the symptoms, how to find out if you have it, how it impacts sex and how you can treat it in new blog by Dr. Angie Stoehr.

Blog Sexual trauma 3

The Shame Is Not Yours: 6 Lessons to Navigate Through Sexual Trauma

This class was created for women who have experienced sexual trauma and want to improve their day-to-day living, sexual function and desire.

Blog Sexual Trauma 2

Impact of Sexual Trauma on Couples

Sexual trauma often impacts a survivors ability to trust & feel safe with another person, including their partner(s). Learn more

Blog Less Stress

Less Stress, More Sex

10 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Stress and Improving Libido.

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What is Sexual Trauma?

Sexual trauma is comprised of the psychological, physical, behavioral, spiritual, and cognitive reactions experienced by an individual as a result of undergoing sexual violence or gynecologic trauma.