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The Truth About Antidepressants and Sexual Side Effects in Women

Dr. Harper interviews Bonafide's Dr. Dweck about the impacts of antidepressants on sexual function and shares medicinal and natural ways treatment options.

How This CEO Mother Of Three Manages Her Daily Stress Levels

How This CEO & Mother Of Three Manages Her Daily Stress Levels

Find out how CEO and mother of three manages her daily stress levels, learn stress relief tips for busy moms plus unlock an exclusive discount to Rae Products!

A Psychologists Top 5 Reactive Strategies To Relieve Stress

A Psychologist's Top 5 Reactive Strategies To Relieve Stress

Stress Awareness Month highlights the importance of learning strategies to relieve stress that actually work. Read to learn a Psychologist's top 5 tips for stress relief.

Painful Sex Thoughts Intimacy

Painful Sex, Thoughts, & Intimacy

Learn how to overcome painful sex and negative thinking to enjoy intimacy and maintain pleasure.

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Queer It Up. Degendering Sex.

It’s time to flip the script and queer it up! Read why degendering sex is so important and how it opens up a new world of possibilities.

The Effects Of Stress On Pelvic Pain

The Effects Of Stress On Pelvic Pain

Learn how stress can impact pelvic pain and discover strategies to cope with stress.

Anxiety Depression Desire During Quarantine

Anxiety, Depression & Desire During Quarantine

Learn 8 steps to connect to your body and curb anxiety and depression in quarantine from Certified Sex Therapist Maegan Megginson

Blog Sex Cancer

Thriving Sexually During & After Cancer

Learn what 9 areas of your cancer journey could be impacting your sexual health + how a custom Wellness Plan helps you tackle them!

Shame LGBTQ Sexual Desire

Shame, LGBTQ + Sexual Desire

Happy Pride Month! Learn how shame affects the LGBTQ community and sexual desire and methods to overcome it by Emma Schmidt, Certified Sex Therapist

Blog Less Stress

Less Stress, More Sex

10 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Stress and Improving Libido.

What Is Sexual Trauma

What Is Sexual Trauma?

Sexual trauma is comprised of the psychological, physical, behavioral, spiritual, and cognitive reactions experienced by an individual as a result of undergoing sexual violence or gynecologic trauma.