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Wellness During Infertility

Wellness During Infertility

An expert-created class designed for women who are trying to conceive and are experiencing infertility.

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Learn From Industry Experts In Sexual Wellness, Anytime, Anywhere.

Rosy Classes are tools designed to deep dive into various women's sexual health topics. Each class provides women a guided self-help journey designed by experts trained in different areas of women's sexual health.

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Mind, Body, Pregnancy

by Dr. Tami Rowen, MD, MS & Dr. Nichelle Haynes, DO & Dr. Ashley Rawlins, PT, DPT

A class designed for women who want to understand the impact pregnancy can have on their mental, physical, and sexual health.

Lets Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex!

by Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

A class designed for women who want to learn how to improve partner communication.

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Sexuality & Self For Trans Women

by Rae McDaniel

A class for transgender women who want to have a positive and affirming sex life.

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The V Class

by Staci Tanouye, MD

A class to help women become more comfortable and confident with their vulvas and vaginas!

Revive Your Drive Class Image

Revive Your Drive

by Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

A class designed for women who feel too tired for sex and want to find their desire again.

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Mastering Menopause & Sex

by Heather Hirsch, MD

A class to help women understand the unique sexual health concerns that arise during and after the menopausal transition.

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Body Love & Acceptance

by Emma Schmidt, MA, LPCCS

A class designed for women to increase love and acceptance of their bodies and decrease shame and guilt.

Orgasm Class LP Hero

Find & Fix Your Orgasm

by Somi Javaid, MD

A class to help women understand orgasm issues and the available interventions and treatment options.

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Toys, Lube & More

by Dr. Janelle Evans, MD

A class to help women understand, talk about, and explore possibilities of lubricants and adult toys as well as devices to help with pelvic floor tone.


Orthodox Judaism & Sexuality

by Bat Sheva Marcus, PhD

A class to help observant Jewish women understand some common and unique sexual challenges, their origins, and how to find sexual understanding and acceptance within their religious beliefs.


Islam & Sexuality

by Sameena Rahman, MD

A class designed to help self-identified Muslim women understand religious taboos and how to overcome them in order to regain sexual pleasure.


Christianity & Sexuality

by Jennifer Newton, MD

A class to help Christian women learn how to find the joy, let go of the guilt, and reconnect in their marriage.

Class Image Cancer

Thriving Sexually During & After Cancer

by Chery Hysjulien, PsyD & Shelby Terstriep, MD

Survivors Asked. Rosy Answered. This class was made for women who have or have had a cancer diagnosis and want to improve their sexual wellbeing.

Class Image Pain

From Ouch To Oh Yeah

by Angie Stoehr, MD

This class was created for women who suffer from sexual pain. Take a lesson today to better understand the causes of sexual pain and how to overcome it.

Class Image Trauma

The Shame is Not Yours

by Sarah Reidy, LCSW, SEP & Monica Urbaniak, LMFT-S

Navigating through sexual trauma. This class was created for any women who have experienced sexual trauma and are looking for resources and next steps.

Class Image Sex 101

Back to (Sex) School

by Laurie Mintz, Ph.D.

The sex ed you never got in school. This class was created for women and couples who want to go back to the basics and learn how to bring fun back to the bedroom.