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Pain With Sex: 6 Lessons To Go From Ouch To Oh Yeah

by Lyndsey Harper, MD

More than 84 million women suffer from some type of sexual problem, with 3 of 4 experiencing pain with sex at some point in their lives. In an effort to support women experiencing sexual and pelvic pain, we created a brand new Rosy Class in the Rosy App to provide resources for understanding and overcoming sexual pain.

From Ouch to Oh Yeah!

  • Created for women that want to better understand causes of sexual pain and options for help.
  • Designed by Angie Stoehr, MD, an ob/gyn and Pelvic and Sexual Pain specialist.
  • 6 lessons created specifically for women who experience sexual pain.
  • Actionable items designed to incorporate in everyday life.

Causes of Sexual Pain
There are multiple potential causes of sexual pain. Dr. Stoehr covers the most common causes of sexual pain and the symptoms most often experienced with each. You'll learn about Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Vestibulitis, Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Myalgia.

Sexual Pain and Desire
It is a natural response to avoid sex if pain is the result. Learn how sexual pain may affect your desire for sex, and how to create positive associations with your relationship towards sex.

Reducing Sexual Pain
In this lesson, learn simple things that can be done today to improve your pain with sex. These include lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and specific exercises that will help on the journey to healing sexual pain.

Dilators for Sexual Pain
When used properly, dilators can be extremely helpful for some women with sexual pain. In this lesson, Dr. Stoehr teaches when and how to use dilators or vaginal trainers and other sexual aides that can improve sexual pain. You'll also find resources (and discounts!) for dilators in this lesson.

Anatomy of Sex
Information about your body is power. Learn the anatomy of sex and its relationship to sexual pain. Dr. Stoehr teaches best positions for types of sexual pain and lubricants that may aid in any sexual discomfort.

More Help (Additional Resources on Sexual Pain)
Sometimes women with sexual pain are unsure of the many resources that exist to help. This lesson reviews the types of professionals and other options available to women.

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Lyndsey Harper, MD is the Founder and CEO of Rosy.