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How To Navigate Sexual Trauma

by Lyndsey Harper, MD

Rosy has heard from so many women who have experienced sexual trauma and need resources to help them on their journey of healing and thriving in a sexual relationship. We are thrilled to partner with two therapists who specialize in trauma to ring their resources and knowledge to women in our new class: Navigating Through Sexual Trauma.

This class was created for women who have experienced sexual trauma and are looking to improve their day-to-day living, sexual function and desire. Designed by Sarah Reidy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Monica L. Urbaniak, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in trauma and sexual assault, this class provides women valuable insight, validation and next steps on their healing journey.

Defining Sexual Trauma

Let’s understand trauma. Trauma is your body’s response to an overwhelming event and a natural reaction to a perceived threat. Learn how trauma is individualized and the cultural impact on our ability to talk about sexual trauma freely.

Effects of Sexual Trauma

Trauma impacts our brains and bodies in different ways. Sarah Reidy and Monica Urbaniak explain what occurs when you experience a traumatic situation, understanding your triggers, and how that continues to impact your life.

Surviving Sexual Trauma

Sarah Reidy and Monica Urbaniak want to remind you that recovering from sexual trauma is possible. In this lesson, you’ll get advice and recommended actions to incorporate healthy coping skills in your day-to-day life to start the journey to recovering.

Working Through Sexual Trauma

Seeking professional help and choosing a provider can feel overwhelming. In this lesson, learn what the differences are in types of treatment providers and what type of therapy you can expect from each, so you can find the therapist that is a good fit for YOU.

Talking to Partners

Choosing to disclose or not to disclose your sexual trauma history with your partner or partners is entirely up to you. Sarah Reidy and Monica Urbaniak encourage women who are considering talking to their partner or partners, to think through this conversation ahead of time. This way they are better prepared to communicate their boundaries and expectations.

Thriving Sexually After Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma may be part of your history, but it doesn’t have to define you. In this lesson, understand what a sexual relationship after trauma means and the foundations to include to build a healthy and safe environment for you and your partner.

Throughout this entire class, you’ll be given supplemental resources to help in your journey to not only healing but thriving sexually. You’ll find inspirational and educational book recommendations, downloadable PDFs, helpful lists and more.

Women can take this class in the Rosy App. Download Rosy to get started!

Lyndsey Harper, MD is the Founder and CEO of Rosy.